We take photo and video gear on all our trips. Usually we have at least one still camera and one video camera. In the olden days before we switched to video we carried a movie camera. I've still got many reels of super 8 film that I need to so something with.

Our video gear consists of a Canon Hi 8 and a Sony Digital 8 camcorder. We got a lot of use from these two camcorders. Hi8 image quality is good and the Digital 8 image quality is very good. Both can be used to make nice DVDs.

I recently purchased a Canon HV30 high definition camcorder. The image quality is excellent. The only problem is that now I've got to upgrade the TV to high def and probably upgrade my desktop computer to edit the stuff. For now, however, my laptop seems to be adequate for editing.

We plan to take both the Digital 8 and Canon HV30 on our next few trips to be sure we have some video. Never know when something will fall overboard or get dropped.

That's a long winded introduction to this section of the website. The section will be devoted to discussions of all thing video.