Flame azela.

Flame Azalea


We take photo gear on all our trips. Usually we have at least one still camera and one video camera. In the olden days before we switched to video we carried a movie camera. I've still got many reels of super 8 film that I need to so something with.

Until 2006 I used Minolta SLR film cameras. I've used Minolta gear since 1963 and have always liked to quality of the camera and lens. Never really acquired a large selection of lens. I did not want to go digital beacause I couldn't see spending the money on a digital camera when I could get more film camera for the money. I did think that I would go digital when Minotla introduced a suitable camera. Then two things happened--one of my my latest Minoltas died and needed to be replaced and Minolta quit making cameras of any kind. So I made the switch to digial with a Canon Digital Rebel Xt. I've used the camera for about 2 years and have enjoyed it.

Upgrade to Canon Digital Rebel T1i or EOS 500D

I was in the quandry of how to proceed with my digital adventure. Upgrade my lens and stay with Canon with a planned camera upgrade in a year or two. Upgrade my camera now and follow with a lens upgrade. Switch brands and start over--the new Nikons get good reviews and seem to have lower noise. And the new Sonys have image stabilization for all lens.

The real problem with digital is that the technology is still changing--better sensors, more pixels, lower noise, etc. With film, there was never much reason to go to a new camera--the technology just didn't change. There were advances in convience--through the lens exposure, auto exposure, auto focus. But the basics never changes.

I've solved the quandry about how to proceed with my digital adventure. I've purchsed the new Canon Digital Rebel T1i and two lens, the Canon EF70-200 mm f4 IS USM lens and the Sigma 150-500mm stabilized lens. You can find my impressions of the Canon Digital Rebel T1i . Some photos taken with the camera, the kit lens, and the Sigma in my photo gallery.

I'll add impressions about the Sigam 150-500mm and the Canon 70-200L later.